2SB's Quality & Environmental Policy

Quality & Environmental Policy


2SB Management Systems are committed continually building upon our reputation for being a credible & reliable Management Systems Consultancy. It is our aim to understand and fulfil the current needs of our clients as well as to respond effectively to their changing needs. Maintaining focus on the continued professional development of our consultants in response to changing contextual issues facing both us as a business as well as our client base, shall continue to be a focal point for our consultancy. As a business we are firmly committed to the protection of the environment and to managing the environmental impacts of our activities so that, where practicable, we can reduce any adverse impacts. 

We will continue to recommend UKAS accredited certification bodies to our clients requiring ISO certifications and to fully inform prospective clients of the service they can expect to receive from 2SB.    

In any other consultancy work we undertake, we shall advise our clients to the best of our knowledge according to current legislation and best practice.  

In order to successfully meet the aims of this policy, we endeavour to fulfil the following:

• To ensure our continued professional development so that we remain at the forefront of developments within our fields of work

• To continually improve the effectiveness of our management system, the quality of service we provide to our clients and our environmental performance

• To identify all environmental compliance obligations applicable to our business and to ensure we satisfy these along with any other applicable requirements upon our consultancy

• To protect the environment and to prevent pollution from our own activities, but to also provide the best possible advice to our clients that will enable them to prevent pollution from their activities

• To set realistic, measurable quality and environmental objectives that are relevant to the aims of this policy and to review progress towards achieving these objectives

• To review this policy periodically to ensure its continued relevance to the business

All employees within the business understand and support this policy. All employees have a duty to actively contribute to the continual improvement of the services we offer and to the improvement of our environmental performance.

Signed:            Chris Passmore

Position:          Director

Date:                2017-11-29