Five reasons why ISO certification might NOT be right for your business

Posted by Chris Passmore


 1)      You don’t want to move out of your comfort zone

All ISO Management Standards have a requirement for evidence of continual improvement. There are times when having ISO certification will require you to make changes for the good of your business which you will find challenging.


2)      Just because you can get funding for the implementation

Funding is very helpful to get any project moving, however the decision to commit to implementing an ISO system should be seen as a long term strategic commitment.


3)  Just because you want an ISO badge on your website and have no intention of doing any additional work

Promoting that you have an externally certified ISO is clearly useful in getting on a tender list, however if you don’t have the required systems in place, your business is vulnerable to failure and your credibility could be undermined.


4)      Neither your clients nor staff see the benefit

The strongest motivation to start an ISO project and then continue to maintain it is that you will win more business. There will inevitably be times when you have to put ISO implementation as a higher priority over other short-term issues.


5)      You don’t want an outsider intruding into your business

Consultants and assessors are willing to sign confidentiality agreements and there is no requirement to look at your monthly accounts or wages and salaries, however they will need to have direct access to your staff and will be reviewing your processes. If you don’t want any intrusion then don’t do ISO.


These are five points to consider before deciding to become ISO certified. If you can relate to one or more of the reasons listed, then ISO certification might not be right for your business.

We want all our clients to be successful. The presence of any of these attitudes within a business we think may prevent the successful implementation of ISO standards.

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