ISO 14001 Case Study

DCS and the Motivation for 14001

Based in central London, DCS (London) provides quality digital printing and typesetting services to a growing number of customers in the financial, conference, training and corporate sectors. From within their comprehensively equipped premises, the DCS (London) team are able to produce and deliver a wide range of print materials to clients 24 hours a day.

As a growing company with a well established reputation among its client base, in recent years DCS had begun to focus on expanding into new markets by gaining larger contracts with major public and private tenders.

It was quickly realised however that for a number of major tenders, being ISO 14001 certified was a prerequisite for gaining their contracts and so DCS were being frequently filtered out from the tendering process. 

Bob Eyre, the Sales Director at DCS, commented on this situation:

“We constantly found that ISO management system certification was a standard requirement for gaining new, larger contracts. It became quite clear, if you want the contract, then you need the certification”   

The Wrong Certification

In order to fulfil the requirements of their existing and potential clients, DCS commissioned a certification consultancy to implement an environmental management system that would meet the requirements of the ISO 14001 standard.

In 2007, prior to DCS’s work with 2SB, DCS gained ISO 14001 certification status. Unfortunately however, after only a few external audits, their certification was unexpectedly revoked.

Tom Welch, Executive Director of DCS, talks of his experience:

“The auditor found several major non conformances with our management system even though we were operating the exact same system that had been implemented. We were left completely shocked. The issues raised had never been drawn to our attention. As a business we had invested time and resources into achieving this certification, we were appalled these people were not upfront”

As a result of losing their certification status, Tom Welch contacted a business organisation to seek guidance.

The Work of 2SB

DCS (London) was then referred to Chris Passmore, founder and Executive Director of 2SB. Chris initially visited DCS (London) to review their environmental management system and to compile a report.

Due to Chris’s expertise in implementing effective management systems, along with his past experience of working in the printing industry, he was able to quickly identify where the existing system failed to meet standard requirements and to offer DCS a logical way forward.

In a company where limited resources were available to strengthen the environmental management system, the hands-on support and time invested by Chris was of vital importance.

Tom Firth-Jones, Management Representative at DCS, said:

 “The solutions offered to us by Chris made sense. Essential documentation and procedures that were required by our business to be ISO certified were completely absent. Chris was able to implement the necessary solutions and to communicate these throughout our business effectively” 

As a result of DCSs work with 2SB, DCS passed their stage 1 external audit and on the 28th June 2013, DCS (London) regained their ISO 14001 certification status.

Why Gain ISO Certification with 2SB?

Tom Firth-Jones, Management Representative of DCS’s environmental management system, talks of his experience working with 2SB:

“The environmental management system Chris has put in place is highly tailored to the way in which our business functions. Its transparency will continue to ensure the system functions effectively and, importantly, it will ensure that DCS is continuously enforcing best environmental practice throughout its operations”   

Tom Welch, the Executive Director of DCS (London), further commented:

“The issue with our initial certification demonstrates the need to get these processes done correctly. Chris used his professional expertise and knowledge of our industry to establish an environmental management system that I am confident will be effective into the future. It is clear to us however that should we feel the need for additional guidance, Chris and the 2SB team are there to provide us with support"

With ISO management system certification becoming a pre-requisite for many public and private tenders, implementing an ISO certified management system is becoming increasingly important for businesses in all sectors looking to expand and to stay ahead of competitors.   

DCS (London) are just one of a growing number of businesses to have benefitted from 2SB’s expertise in implementing bespoke, effective management systems. 

If you are looking to implement a quality or environmental management system guaranteed to meet the requirements of ISO standards, please call us on 01622 721684 or complete our enquiry form online. 

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