Health & Safety Consultancy

 2SB Management Systems currently assist a number of clients who do not want a formal Health and Safety certification but who want reassurance that they are protecting their workforce and reputation.

2SB, in a number of cases, have been called upon to assist businesses under investigation by the HSE. These investigations have been launched as a result of an accident at work where little Health and Safety measures have been introduced, resulting in the business having to absorb heavy costs. 

As part of an ongoing contract we will visit you at arranged intervals throughout the year to ensure a robust health and safety system is established and maintained within your organisation. 

We can also carry out a number of specialist health & safety functions including:

Risk assessments – e.g. fire and chemical

• H&S accident investigations & responses

• Noise surveys

• H&S staff training

We do however evaluate the business and its’ operations before agreeing to any specialist work as is important to be sure we have the necessary competencies.  

If you would like to discuss your health & safety requirements please contact us here or call us on 01622 721864

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