ISO Internal Auditing

Carrying out a full set of internal audits on your management system is a critical element of any ISO management system standard which will not bypass the eyes of an external auditor since they are a key step in the “Plan – Do - Check – Act” cycle.

Effectively done internal audits:

1)  Demonstrate that your business is compliant with the requirements of the Management Standards to which you are certified.

2)  Checks that your own staff are following the agreed “mission” critical procedures.

3)  Gives senior management greater confidence that your organization is working “correctly” 

An internal audit is effectively a planned ‘check’ on each specific area of your management system to:

1)  Ensure that it is In line with the planned arrangements for how your system should operate and also if relevant, the requirements of an ISO management system standard.

2)  Identify and support  areas of potential improvement

3)  Identify areas where internal processes have lapsed due to a change of personnel or not understanding the importance of the activity.

Internal Auditing Output

The internal audit requires that the internal auditor goes “face to face” with your staff who are actually doing the process to gain documented objective evidence as to what they are working on. This is recorded along with any of the findings which are broken down to OK, Opportunity for improvement (OFI) or Non Conformance (NC) to assist in identifying areas that need to be addressed.

These internal audit reports along with any actions taken provide input both the Management Review and the External Assessors review of the business to maintain certification.


ISO Management System standards stipulate that your entire management system must be internally audited at “planned intervals”. This ensures that over a given time-frame set by your business the whole system will be ‘checked’ along with all the requirements of each standard you wish to achieve or maintain certification to.   

Normally this time frame is on year, however based on your perception of risk you can plan to do some audits every 3 to six months whilst others can be done every other year.

How 2SB can help

As part of our ISO support 2SB will provide you with all the resources you require to be able to run your own simple & robust internal auditing system that is easy to manage. Our approach to internal auditing is tested by a wide range of external auditing bodies on almost a weekly basis among our existing client base from which we often receive positive feedback.

Benefits of ISO Internal Audits

1)  Using an independent consultancy can be one of the most effective ways to ascertain that your management system processes and procedures are working as they should.

2)  Internal audits can help uncover any gaps in the implementation of your ISO management system as they provide a complete system ‘check’ along with being able to provide full assurance that your system in compliant with the ISO management system standards against which you will be audited.

3)  Operating a good internal audit process will therefore reduce stress prior to an external audit as any issues will be highlighted and can be resolved prior to your external assessment.

All 2SB Consultants as a minimum have undertaken IRCA (International Register of Certified Auditors) approved lead auditor training and also have practical experience in implementing and auditing the ISO standards which they are consistently required to internally audit.  

Due to the nature of our business our consultants visit a wide variety of businesses across a range of industry sectors and so can be best placed to offer advice on how to improve or amend processes so that they will work for the business.

The use of experienced auditors will also help to identify any new or existing legislative issues you may have to resolve as a business, particularly if you are being assessed against the ISO 14001 or OHSAS 18001 standards.

2SB assists a number of clients each year by visiting the site purely to carry out the internal audits of their management systems as we can provide a truly independent check of your processes.

Where a company wishes to internally resource the internal auditing function of their management system 2SB also offers Internal Auditor Training courses whereby we can visit your site and provide you with all the resources you need be able to fulfil this requirement.

Implementation of Internal Audits

Whether it be as part of an implementation, annual internal auditing support or a training event 2SB will ensure that your business has all the resources necessary in order to carry out the internal auditing function of your ISO management system effectively.

We will ensure that internal audits are undertaken according to the following ISO principles:

Independently – using 2SB auditors will ensure independence is achieved within your internal auditing system, alternatively we can relay how you can achieve this internally

Systematically – 2SB can set you up an internal audit system appropriate to your internal needs ensuring that the internal audits are planned in a systematic and compliant manner

With Competence – All 2SB consultants have experience in the implementation and auditing of ISO management systems and we shall select the most appropriate consultant for your specific needs. Alternatively we can undertake internal auditor training for your internal employees and issue you with training certificates so that you can demonstrate to your external assessor that you have been trained by a consultancy with UKAS accredited certification to ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 themselves.