Want to print packaging for food? 16/01/2018

BRC Cover

Printed packaging already represents 20% of the total market for print in the UK and with the government and major retailers wanting to move away from plastic to more environmentally responsible packaging substrates this is a significant opportunity for packaging converters, commercial printers and finishers.

Whilst packaging for consumer products does not require any significant changes in working practises, for businesses wanting to go into the potentially more lucrative food sector it is necessary to be certified to the "BRC Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials Issue 5".

This effectively means that your management and manufacturing systems need to be at the same level as a food processing plant and the BRC Standard is much more prescriptive than the ISO Standards in a number of areas to enforce greater control where there is felt to be greatest risk of contamination.

These include:

* Carrying out a hazard and risk analysis of the products being manufactured and identifying "Critical Control Points".

* The production of a declaration of compliance for the products produced.

* Effective traceability of both input materials and the resultant products making it possible to carry out a product withdrawal or recall if required.

* Clearly documented cleaning routines which are then verified as being effective.

Any printer or packaging converter can, as has already been proved, make this transition, although it does take serious commitment from the senior team to be prepared to both spend money on improving the working environment and enforcing more rigorous working practices.

If you want to know more about how 2SB Management Systems can help you to achieve the BRC Global Packaging Standard please get in touch.