ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 (Triple Standard) Case Study

Obart Pumps and the Motivation for the Triple Standard

Obart Pumps is a leading distributor of pumps and associated products. Over the years, the business has steadily expanded and, since 2000, Obart Pumps have been the largest independent distributor in the EU for Tsurumi Manufacturing Co Ltd, a Japanese manufacturer with a global distribution network.


From its formation, Obart Pumps have always strived to be a professional business based on quality management practices with the assurance of good environmental practice and Health and Safety management. In order to communicate this good practice to its customers Matthew Hill, Managing Director at Obart Pumps, for many years considered becoming ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified and this integrated management system was certified in 2013.


Matthew felt that certification was becoming a real necessity for the business as customers began to frequently request information on their ISO certifications.

Matthew commented on this situation “We needed ISO Standards because we wanted to improve our systems. ISO Standards create a very professional image and confirms our credibility in a competitive market”

Having already been triple certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 in 2013, Obart Pumps decided to use 2SB again for their ISO 2015 upgrade.


The Work of 2SB

After reviewing a number of management system consultants, Matthew chose Chris Passmore and Lucy Trimmer of 2SB to assist the company in implementing their management system in 2013 and decided to renew their support for the transition in 2017. This was due to the close relationship Obart Pumps had formed with 2SB over the years.


Matthew commented “Chris came across as understanding both a business and our business and was very personable. Although it was a risk as Chris had a print background, I felt confident he could transfer those skills of ISO within the print industry over to our industry”.


Having 2SB’s support at Obart Pumps brings in external views and advice as we work with several different businesses. Although we design a bespoke ISO system for each of our clients there are some useful procedures we can use within Obart Pumps to help them with their management system.


Lucy Trimmer, Management Systems Consultant at 2SB commented “From our wide variety of clients, 2SB can see how lots of businesses work and what is applicable to Obart Pumps for example, customer surveys and Non-conformance systems. These systems all help improve Obart Pumps’ overall management system.


The Transition to the 2015 Standards

In 2017, Obart Pumps decided to upgrade their integrated management system to meet the requirements of the new 2015 Standards. With help from 2SB’s Management Systems Consultant, Lucy Trimmer, Obart Pumps were successfully certified in April 2017.


Lucy Trimmer now provides bi-weekly support to Obart Pumps with their integrated management system. Lucy commented “My work at Obart Pumps this year has included reviewing their original system, working with all members of staff to transfer responsibilities and spread them across the business and looking for ways to integrate more and improve the current system using CRM. I am also now providing Health and Safety legislation updates as part of the service”.   


Katie Waters, Operations Manager commented Lucy is very good and we can’t fault her. She has been extremely helpful and we definitely couldn’t have done our upgrade without her!”.


The updated Standard reiterates the importance of implementing the ISO Standard across all areas of the business and effective communication of the processes and procedures to all staff is key.


Lucy commented “Everyone at Obart Pumps is willing to get involved and wants to learn more about ISO – they have the correct attitude. Obart Pumps are not looking to react to problems but rather are looking to prevent problems and continually improve”.


The Benefits of Certification

Having received certification for their triple standard management system, Matthew spoke of the benefits he felt had been brought to his business.

Matthew commented “As we have all three Standards we can show that we are committed to Quality, Environmental impact and Health and Safety. ISO 9001 underscores our quality as a company and ISO 14001 confirms we consider our environmental impact very important, especially as we do a lot of environmental related projects within the organisation. OHSAS 18001 confirms we are a safe place to work and Health and Safety is a top priority”.

With ISO management system certification becoming a pre-requisite for many public and private tenders, implementing an ISO certified management system is becoming increasingly important for businesses in all sectors looking to expand and to stay ahead of competitors. Obart Pumps themselves have extended their warehouse to be able to hold more stock.

Obart Pumps have also benefitted from an integrated management system internally as well. Jamie Hill, Director at Obart Pumps commented “Having ISO Standards shows you have policies and processes in place and that these are constantly being adhered to within the business”.

Looking to the future Matthew commented “I’m confident having triple certification ISO Standards will encourage us to grow our business and attract more customers”.


Obart Pumps are just one of a growing number of businesses to have benefitted from 2SB’s expertise in implementing bespoke, effective management systems.

If you are looking to implement a quality or environmental management system guaranteed to meet the requirements of ISO standards, please call us on 01622 721684 or complete our enquiry form online.

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