ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 (Triple Standard) Case Study

Obart Pumps and the Motivation for the Triple Standard

Obart Pumps is a leading distributor of pumps and associated products. Over the years the business has steadily expanded and, since 2000, Obart Pumps have been the largest independent distributor in the EU for Tsurumi Manufacturing Co Ltd, a Japanese manufacturer with a global distribution network.

From its formation, Obart Pumps have always strived to be a professional business based on quality management practices. In order to communicate this good practice to its customers Matthew Hill, Managing Director at Obart Pumps, for many years considered becoming ISO 9001 certified.

Matthew felt that certification was becoming a real necessity for the business as customers began to frequently request information on their ISO certifications.

Matthew commented on this situation:

“We began to see a noticeable increase in the amount of customers requesting this information. As we couldn’t respond sufficiently to these enquiries we felt that Obart Pumps was beginning to look sub-standard”

In addition to the growing number of enquiries from customers, one of Obart Pumps’ main contractors then also requested they improve their environmental credentials by becoming ISO 14001 certified. It was therefore decided that an integrated management system should be implemented.

The Work of 2SB

After reviewing a number of management system consultants, Matthew chose Chris Passmore of 2SB to assist the company in implementing their management system.

Matthew spoke of why he decided to use 2SB:

“Chris had a genuine interest in business and, importantly, he had an interest in my business. During our initial meeting he also gave us all the costs up-front. He was well-organised and his expertise in the field was apparent so I was confident get would get us certified” 

Over a period of 8 months Chris was able to provide Obart Pumps with a fully documented, integrated management system. Training needs were identified and met and new practises and procedures were communicated effectively throughout the organisation. 

A significant amount of time was invested off-site by Chris to provide Obart Pumps with the knowledge and resources they specifically required.

Matthew commented on his experience working with Chris:

“Where I hadn’t necessarily had the time to deal with a few of the issues that needed my attention, Chris spent time off-site doing the necessary work.  Any areas we felt we needed additional help with Chris also assisted us in researching and understanding how they were applicable to our business”   

The Benefits of Certification

Having received certification for their triple standard management system, Matthew spoke of the benefits he felt had been brought to his business.

“We see our certifications as official confirmation that we are a professional, well-managed business. Our existing customers are already aware of this. The significance for us is that new potential customers will have more trust in our ability to deliver an excellent service. We are confident being certified will open new doors”

James Albert, Management Representative at Obart Pumps, also commented on how ISO certification had added value to their operations:

“The procedures Chris has implemented have been of real benefit as there is no longer conflict over how to perform specific jobs. Significant improvements have been made, particularly in our warehouse, which has improved our efficiency. The system also enables us to easily identify issues and to prevent their re-occurrence”

Matthew further commented:

“Within our industry getting this certification has definitely made us more competitive. We are aware of our rivals who already have ISO certification and we are now ahead of those who don’t” 

With ISO management system certification becoming a pre-requisite for many public and private tenders, implementing an ISO certified management system is becoming increasingly important for businesses in all sectors looking to expand and to stay ahead of competitors.

Obart Pumps are just one of a growing number of businesses to have benefitted from 2SB’s expertise in implementing bespoke, effective management systems.

If you are looking to implement a quality or environmental management system guaranteed to meet the requirements of ISO standards, please call us on 01622 721684 or complete our enquiry form online.

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