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Patrick O'Reilly, Managing Director , P. Quinn Ceilings & Partitions | 15/08/2018

Safe Contractor achieved for H&S Contractor working throughout London and the South East using a combination of...

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Tom Nix , Managing Director , Albion Manufacturing | 06/07/2018

'We passed! He’s recommending us for certification to the new standard. Thank you for everything you did to prepare us....

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James Murrells, Operations Manager, Bubblegate | 05/06/2018

'We brought in 2SB in order to help us achieve certification in ISO27001, after considering a number of different consultancy...

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Karen Little , HR Manager, Logan Construction | 17/01/2018

'Lucy All forwarded and accepted by BM Trada – So definitely moving forward positively now. Thank you for everything ...

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Michelle Morris, Company Secretary, KWB London | 05/12/2017

KWB London decided to gain both FSC and ISO 9001 certification this year. As we didn't have experience of both stan...

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Bradley Vaughan , Managing Director & Owner, Kingsley Print and Design | 05/12/17

‘We sought the help of 2SB last year in order to train our new Environmental Manager and to help us transition to the n...

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Richard Konopa, Sales Manager, Sash Windows | 22/09/2017

‘Very well done Lucy. I can feel some of the stress subsiding already. You are a great credit to 2SB and your professio...

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Peter van der Kolk, CEO, John Cullen Lighting | 11/09/2017

Approximately 2 years ago I asked 2SB to help us to enhance our Health & Safety policy. It was clear from the start that...

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