Josie Peters, Management Representative, City Print (Milton Keynes) Ltd

Hi Chris/Lucy,   We have passed the review with zero non-conformities.  Just had a few recommendations regarding ...

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Kingsley Print V1

John Vaughan & Ross Perry , Director & Production Manager , Kingsley Print | 04-05-2016

Hello Lucy, I have thanked them for you. But I must also thank you for digging us out of a big hole. John has also texted ...

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Anita Robbins, Technical Sales, Obart Pumps | 07/04/2016

Comments from client re-certified to the revised ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 standards in April 2016 with the help of 2S...

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JN Outside Cars

David Hall, Finance Director , Newton Waterproofing | 11/03/2016

‘Thanks Lucy, as helpful and super-efficient as always’ Response from Newton Waterproofing Systems after 2SB c...

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Jane Wheeler, Office Manager, DCS Print | 05/02/16

'Having Lucy’s ongoing support over the last two years has made the whole process less daunting, she always goes above'...

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Trevor Davies, Managing Director, ground:zero Productions | 28/08/15

Trevor Davies, Managing Director, ground:zero Productions | 26/08/2015...

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James Williams, Managing Director , Curtis Packaging | 09/10/2015

Thank you for all your help over the past few months, we were very pleased with how our audit went and we are glad to now hav...

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Peter Van de Kolk, Managing Director, John Cullen Lighting | 03/06/15

John Cullen Lighting is a leading lighting company based in the Chelsea Design Quarter (London), employing +35 staff and work...

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