Peter Van de Kolk, Managing Director, John Cullen Lighting | 03/06/15

John Cullen Lighting is a leading lighting company based in the Chelsea Design Quarter (London), employing +35 staff and working to the demanding standards of high-end residential clients to provide inspiring lighting designs as well as supply innovative in-house designed LED lighting fittings.

When Peter Van de Kolk became CEO in 2014 he was aware that H&S had not been identified as a structured and systematic process and that if something “went wrong” the business would be exposed which could potentially impact their strong reputation.

Peter was keen to avoid being locked into a long term “one size fits all” H&S support contract and after asking an ex colleague was recommended to speak to Chris Passmore of 2SB Management Systems. After meeting it was agreed that Chris could provide the type of flexible package Peter was looking for.

Peter appointed H&S Champions in the three main parts of the business to work with Chris during his six visits over a period of 4 months. This covered undertaking risk assessments and developing Standard Operating Procedures, undertaking fire risk assessments and running fire drills. This was concluded with three 1.5 hour presentations to the staff on the key findings as well as to crucially to get staff to identify further H&S concerns which had not been fully identified previously.

Peter Van de Kolk comments:

“Chris has been highly supportive of both the business and the H&S Champions that we appointed and has helped us tackle a number of H&S issues which will give our staff even greater confidence in meeting the needs of our clients. We will be continuing our relationship with 2SB at a less intense level in the future to further develop the competency of our own staff to handle H&S issues”