ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 - Case Study

The Colyer Group and the Motivation for ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

Who are the Colyer Group?


The Colyer Group is a Central London based business specializing in print services, office and graphics supplies and hardware and software solutions. Over the last 30 years, the Colyer Group has successfully moved with the times, diversifying business using technology in a series of strategically effective business decisions. The Colyer Group started out supplying traditional graphics materials to the advertising sector but then with the introduction of Apple Mac to the commercial market they diversified into a technological provider of both hardware, software, backup systems and networks. On top of this they introduced a remote customer computer network support system with a team of experienced technical professionals.  Having successfully been ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified in 2010, the Colyer Group decided to use 2SB for their renewal in 2013 and their transition to the 2015 Standard in 2016.  


The help of 2SB


The Colyer Group decided to use 2SB based on their knowledge and professionalism. Johanna Ronayne, Customer Services Manager commented “As consultants, 2SB were very hands on. They were willing to answer any questions. It was much easier and smoother and they took a large workload off us during our day to day work”.


Lucy Trimmer, Management Systems Consultant for 2SB commented “I have worked closely with Jo, Steve and Leonie who have key roles in the management system across the different businesses in the group and they are proactive in sharing ideas that promote continual improvement across the group”


The benefits of certification


For the Colyer Group, there were many benefits in gaining ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification. Johanna commented “Having ISO Standards helps us to win business. Another reason we wanted to gain certification is to allow us to run a smooth in house system by following processes and procedures. We have also been asked on some tenders whether we have ISO Standards or not so this makes us more competitive on the market as many of our competitors have them too”.


Achieving ISO 14001 Environmental Management was important to the Colyer Group who pride themselves on being as environmentally responsible as possible within an industry, traditionally not known for its environmental credentials. Alan Jones, Financial Director commented “We have reviewed the heating of all our buildings, switching to gas radiators to improve energy efficiency. We have also engaged in recycling a lot of our packaging with our warehouse now recycling approximately 13-15000 boxes per quarter. Lastly, we have reduced our transportation emissions by reducing the number of vans we use and switching to electric where possible”.


Having just won the Camden Business Award for Most Sustainable Business, the future of the Colyer Group looks bright. The recent merger of businesses will allow a more streamlined approach to the company and environmentally, they are top of their game. Alan commented “Achieving ISO certification has forced us to make certain business decisions which customers have seemed to love! Our marketing team has been a great success with our recent achievement at Camden Business Awards. Looking to the future, the Colyer Group operate in a very mature market so we must innovate our products and services but also carry on promoting efficiency”.


If you are looking to implement a quality, environmental or information security management system guaranteed to meet the requirements of ISO standards, please call us on 01622 721684 or complete our enquiry form online.

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