University of Kent Design & Print - ISO 9001

Case Study

Arthur Lewis, Management Representative and Centre Manager at the University of Kent Design and Print Department, joined in 2013 knowing that there existed some operational challenges. He was also aware that the departments reputation among the University, their largest customer, had been somewhat damaged.  

From the initial meeting with Arthur it was apparent that he had a number of clear ideas on what was needed to improve the performance of the department. As it stood the main issues were that there was no system in place for effectively tracking jobs and that the same jobs were carried out differently by employees to different standards.  

Arthur felt that some poor working practices had become the norm and that customer satisfaction with the department was suffering as a result.  

The need to gain ISO certification therefore became a convenient ‘excuse’ to install changes that were necessary.

Over the next couple of months Chris and Lucy visited the site to help implement the ISO 9001 management system. Visits were scheduled from late-afternoon – mid-evening as standard working hours would have proved too demanding on Arthur’s time.

The requirements of the standard fitted well with Arthurs overall aims. Correct operational procedures were drawn up and communicated to ensure staff were carrying out a job to the same standard. Job numbers and completion dates also became compulsory before a job could go live into the system and ‘quality checks’ were introduced enabling better management of jobs.

2SB’s first visit was in early October 2013 and on the 7th February 2014 the department was awarded their ISO 9001 certification.  

Arthur commented on the process:

“ISO is not as daunting as many people think it is. It fitted nicely with the direction I wanted to move the department in. A date was set quite early on for our first external audit and this really acted as a driving force to make our planned improvements happen, rather than be put off until ‘another day’

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