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How 2SB can help your management systems

Good healthcare relies on many aspects of service delivery being brought together - both behind the scenes and patient facing. Sensitive data is the lifeblood of any healthcare organisation, and ISO 27001 certification can help you build stronger information security practices to keep data safe.

Utilising ISO Consultants to deliver ISO 9001 certification, can help you develop the business processes required to consistently deliver high levels of care to staff and patients. At 2SB we work as your consultants to help you implement and maintain a management system that meets your needs, and the expectations of others.

Secure Information

  • Protect the security of your patient and employee data
  • Ensure compliance to the DPA 2018 and medical codes of conduct

Strong Processes

  • Organise and streamline the working practices of a local or distributed workforce
  • Use clearly communicated processes to deliver the same level of service, continually

Patient Focus

  • Understand the essential touchpoints in the patient journey
  • Enhance the delivery of a professional and caring patient experience to encourage loyalty

Secure Data

As healthcare professionals, you are likely to be handling sensitive patient data on a daily basis. There are some great software packages around to help you secure data, but these are only as strong as the processes around them. Your processing of data may involve multiple stakeholders, and sharing data internally and externally with specialist practitioners, patients and client organisations comes with a host of risks.

To reduce the many challenges facing your healthcare business, we can help you secure your data through a tailored ISO 27001 implementation.

  • We will conduct an evaluation of the organisation to highlight areas that require greater control.
  • Guide you to certification to demonstrate to your clients that you have strong information security practices.

Strong Process

Working with healthcare organisations, ISO Consultants at 2SB have come to understand the specific importance of really well defined processes. Well defined processes can help administration staff to effectively support front line medical staff; they can help ensure consistency of service delivery across multiple sites; and can ensure that all staff meet the strict codes required in the sector.

ISO 9001 looks to strengthen business processes and ensure that every element of your service is delivered in a controlled and consistent way.

  • ISO 9001 leads to better documentation practices to help business planning and medical due diligence.
  • Improved control though internal audit to ensure operations are running as they should.

Customer Focused

Quality and information security management is all about delivering high levels of consistent customer satisfaction. In the healthcare setting, patient experience is paramount during a time that many may be in a vulnerable or challenging position. Good patient care revolves around identifying and optimising the processes that lie behind key touch points so frontline care can continue smoothly and professionally.

Combining ISO 9001 and 27001 helps ensure clients are satisfied and that the business is compliant and sustainable.

  • Improved admin processes, ensuring accurate and timely booking of appointments.
  • Enhanced channels to gather customer feedback and deliver service improvement.

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How much do I need to document for ISO certification?

Documentation requirements vary depending on which standards you are implementing. Contrary to popular opinion, ISO systems do not need to be heavily documented.

Each standard has specific requirements for certain items to be documented to ensure that you are able to meet the requirements of the standard. Other clauses in standard may not require documentation, but its easiest to prove that its being done if its documented.

We can advise you on exactly what documentation is required and how to structure and record it.

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