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2SB can drive you to ISO Certification

The logistics industry is continually required to monitor health & safety and improve business process, but most recently have become pressured to have strong controls on information security.

To overcome this, logisitics companies are migrating, using Transport ISO Certifications, to ISO 9001 for quality management, ISO 14001 for environmental, ISO 27001 for information security and ISO 45001 for health and safety, to prove to clients that their business mitigate the risks as much as possible.

To making this easier to achieve ISO Consultants help you implement and overcome the risks that larger clients use to transfer responsibility to their suppliers.

At 2SB we are familiar with the transport and logistics environment and can act as your Transport ISO Consultants to help you implement either or all of the ISOs to obtain certification.

Qualify for Tenders

  • By having a UKAS accredited ISO system you can tick the box for tender compliance.
  • Avoid having to provide significant additional information to qulaify for tender lists.

Business Focus

  • Documenting what you do helps you start to delegate your "day-to-day" responsibilities.
  • ISO has systems that encourage you to look at continual business improvement.

Inspire Confidence

  • Keep delivering your service, even when the directors are not working in the business.
  • Client will feel asssured of your commitment to the high standard of work you deliver.

Demonstrate Uniqueness

In a highly competitive market small differences can help get you to the top of the list and having ISO certification can make that difference. A UKAS accredited ISO is seen as the Gold Standard and often the only ISO Certification that major clients will recognise in the tender process. Ny making the effort to move your business to a certified business allows you to demostrate a commitement to high customer service standards and managed internal processes.

Using an 2SB ISO Consultant to complete your Transport ISO's makes the acquisition of the ISO alot easier.

  • Promotional benefits of using the ISO logo on your media, vehicles and warehouses.
  • Simplifies the process of completing tenders and PQQ (Pre qualification questionnaires.

Validate Commitment

Getting and maintaining your UKAS accredited ISO certification does take real committent and with the growing focus on environmental issues clients, stakeholders and employees will show you greater appreciaiton. Explaning to customers that you care and not providing the evidence to prove this, could have a damaging effect and be counter-productive.

Going through the process with an ISO Consultant allows them to provide advice and monitoring to ensure the certification is accurately achieved.

  • Shows that you are committed to reducing your businesses environmental footprint.
  • Reduces the risk of consumer pressure to act quickly and the damage it can cause your brand.

Proactive Leadership

Having a properly embedded ISO system ensures that all your staff work to consistently reducing uncertainty and potential confusion. By providing processes and training for your staff, their ability to focus on the task at hand and not use ever changes process allows them to be productive in their particular area of expertise. This generates a culture of support amongst staff and a respect for management that drives a business forward.

Having a defined management systems improves the management and maintenance of a business and genereally overall staff performance.

  • Clearly structured procedures provide clarity and safer, more effectve working envirionments.
  • Documented competence and training records supports more effective career development.

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