Infrastructure Developments

IDL was set up by Adam Ferrand in 2013 to take a fresh approach to providing a broad range of civil engineering services.


“My vision is to create a proactive and professional business that stands by our commitments and delivers what we say we’re going to deliver, on time and on budget and ensure we have a happy customer who will use us again and again.”

To do this Adam knew that he needed to have an ISO System similar to his larger competitors but didn’t want the bureaucracy that the systems can bring.


“When I met Chris and Jon of 2SB Management Systems, I was confident that they could help implement a system that not only achieved the requirements of a UKAS accredited ISO system but, even more importantly, support my team to deliver the specific commitments I make to our customers.”

Jon and Chris started work in February 2017 and systematically built a system that reflected how Adam wanted the business to work with triple UKAS accredited certification to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.


“I was so impressed with the approach that Jon took he has now become a member of my team providing on going compliance and business support. There is no doubt that I needed  ISO and 2SB have helped implement a system that really does underpin what we do every day and is helping us to further improve our performance.”


2SB maintain a regular ongoing consultive relationship with IDL, helping the Systems & Compliance department continually improve quality, H&S and environmental performance. 2SB also provide strategic consulting advice, developing annual business plans and strategy documents.

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