Hughes Pumps Ltd continues to improve operational efficiency with ISO 9001

Hughes Pumps Ltd are one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of ultra high pressure water jetting and plunger pump equipment, which is exported globally. With extensive experience in the design and manufacture of high pressure, positive displacement pumps since 1970, Hughes Pumps is justifiably proud of its product range and offers a flexible approach to the changing needs of a worldwide customer base.

Hughes Pumps first achieved ISO 9001 certification in 2004 to support their business's tender requirements. Initially having the certification was a tick box exercise, with an external consultant managing the assessment process and limited involvement of the management team. 

In 2020, Managing Director, Phil Cranford, was looking for a new consultant and approached 2SB for support. Over the last two years, 2SB have worked with Hughes Pumps to create an ISO compliant management system that supports the business on a day-by-day basis.

Phil comments, “Properly using ISO has been a significant benefit to improving our operational efficiency and is much more than just a tick box exercise for tenders. We look forward to our annual external assessments, which using experienced auditors from ISOQAR, both test our system and highlight further opportunities for improvement.”

2SB’s Chris Passmore adds, “We have continued to use as much of the original system as possible and bit by bit, worked on different elements of the system to make it more effective in supporting Phil and his team. We look forward to continuing work with Hughes Pumps and further improving their systems. It is impressive how the ISO standards, supported by UKAS accreditation, have been able to maintain their relevance in a very fast changing operational environment and provide greater confidence in the ability of certified businesses to meet their clients’ requirements.”

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