Recycling of client waste helps look after our beaches

The decision by Warren Muschialli, Managing Director of John Newton, to investigate and then implement the Newton Membrane Recycling Service has provided to be very successful, both in winning awards and even more importantly winning business from a number of significant principal contractors.

It also shows how John Newton have successfully addressed the requirement of the ISO 14001 environmental standard, by using a life cycle perspective to prevent environmental impacts of a product being unintentionally shifted elsewhere within its life cycle, through preventing plastic membrane offcuts being burnt or going to landfill.

David Hall, the Financial Director comments:

"Warren could immediately see the benefits to the business and the environment in recovering the membrane offcuts from our clients, but it took the best part of a year of careful planning to set up a system that properly "closed the loop" and to start using the recovered offcuts as a raw material for new plastic building products. We also decided that what we get for selling the plastic would go to one of Warren's favourite charities "Surfers against sewage".

Chris Passmore of 2SB adds:

"The leadership shown by Warren is commendable and shows the importance of top management both understanding their businesses environmental impacts and then allocating the necessary resources to reduce them.

The commitment also means John Newton & Company, who have already been in business for 170 years will be around for a good few more years, protecting their client’s buildings with water proof membranes, reducing landfill and finally looking after our beaches”. 

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