Coronavirus Business Sentiment Impact

The impacts of coronavirus are being felt across practically every industry within the UK - 2SB are tracking the impact this is having on SMEs with whom we either work or have close business relationships. All the organisations who are kindly taking part in this longitudinal study have shown very strong business growth over the past few years and are run by extremely competent owners and directors - 2SB consider them to be the types of organisations that the UK needs more of. Despite the strength of these organisations coming into the start of this year, the coronavirus outbreak is inevitably having impacts.

By asking a series of questions, some on a weekly and others on a monthly basis, we are looking to understand how British businesses are reacting to the economic, political, social and media influences present in our environment. We will track how business sentiment moves over the coming months as we all tackle the significant challenges thrown at our organisations.

The companies represented here are from a wide range of industries, and have turnovers ranging from £500k up to £200m. Each week an anonymised summary of the responses will be published, along with a summary video commentary.

Summary of the feedback from the organisations involved in the Business Confidence Survey

Note: Each graph represents feedback collated from 11 respondents.

Week 5-10 Video Summary

Archived Videos

Week 1 Video Summary

Week 2 Video Summary

Week 3 Video Summary

Week 4 & 5 Video Summary

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