How does the certification process work? How do I get certification?


A video guide to the certification process


To progress with certification, firstly you will need to have implemented or be in the process of implementing the specific management system you are hoping to achieve certification against.

You don’t need to have fully implemented the system before contacting the certification bodies, however having made a start or knowing how far you have to go can help set a date to aim for.

Once you have in mind a date that you feel is realistic to work towards, the next step is to contact one or more certification bodies to ask for quotes. You will be required to provide information about your business (i.e. nature of your work, number of employees and the roles they do, number of sites) so the certification body can make a good approximation about how many days it will take an assessor to audit your business.

We recommend contacting at least two certification bodies since the price and number of days they expect the audit to take can vary. 2SB recommend that you always approach UKAS accredited certification bodies, as these certificates carry much more weight and you can be assured that your business is being correctly assessed.

Based upon the quotes received, you will need to decide the most appropriate body to certify with and set a date for your Stage 1 and Stage 2 audits.

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