7/03/2022 By Michelle Englar

Jacked Supplements Achieve ISO 9001

Jacked Supplements Limited run a nutraceutical production facility in West London producing sports supplements and sport enhancement products. They approached 2SB to provide the necessary technical training to achieve ISO 9001 certification.
When they launched Jack Supplements, they realised early on that they wanted to establish best practice in all aspects of the operation of the business. They identified that obtaining UKAS accredited ISO 9001 certification would help them succeed as a business by putting in place robust controls and efficient systems and workflows. This in turn would help their employees and drive the business towards greater market potential.
Jacked Supplements reported that through the successful implementation of ISO 9001 they have identified several significant opportunities for the business to produce high quality goods for a diverse market. “The implementation of our management system has enhanced the way we work. The business has seen a significant change in how we control and release our quality products. Our staff have commented that they appreciate the structured processes and objectives we have in place,” says Arnie Joahill, Director.
Arnie further added, “We are a relatively new company and we wanted to ensure that we had a sound ISO 9001 implementation plan. 2SB provided us with a solid structure and jargon-free approach to putting in place ISO 9001. They quickly understood our business and our needs and worked with us at all levels.”

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