Internal Auditing

Internal ISO Auditing

Internal ISO Audits are a powerful tool to monitor the performance of any Management System. They offer stakeholders the ability to understand how a system is working within a business and if continual improvements are effective.

Our years of experience allow us to work with through the standard whilst completing internal ISO audits. Naturally those who are being audited may feel nervous and wary that their work is being scrutinised so we ensure that we approach audits in a constructive manner and have the experience & skill to generate meaningful findings in collaboration with those undertaking the work.

We believe the quality of our audits make us a clear choice for companies wishing to retain ISO certifications through the effective auditing of their management systems. As Auditors we carry out comprehensive Internal ISO Auditing against the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001 and ISO 45001 Management Standards as well as an organisation’s own processes. Speak to us about how we can assist you.

Constructive auditors

  • We are sensitive to how the audit process can make individuals feel
  • We work with auditees to find outputs from our audit that they are receptive to implementing

Experienced auditors

  • Our auditors are qualified and competent to undertake internal audits
  • We select the auditor best fitted to your industry and ISO standards

Value adding results

  • We build consensus with auditees to find outputs which can be actioned
  • As consultants we can share our experience of industry best practice

Our approach

Consultation – initial fact-finding conversation in person or on the phone to understand more about your audit requirements

Proposal – when we understand what your requirements are, we will produce a proposal that outlines the internal audit programme

Internal audits – we will perform the audits in line with the programme

Report – we will report back on audit findings and help analyse the root cause and corrective actions if required

Ongoing support – we work in a consultancy basis and can continue to support your business beyond the audit programme if required

Key features

The internal audit process needs to be planned and executed in a structured way in order to get the best results. Whether you are looking for internal audits to be completed all at once prior to an audit, or to spread them across the year, we are here to help. The internal audit process involves:

  • An audit programme – it is important to determine what processes are to be audited, when the audit will occur and who needs to be present. The auditee should be informed in advance and be given an idea of how the audit will be conducted. The best audits are built on mutual trust and collaboration
  • Defining the audit criteria – to ensure each audit meets its objectives and the requirements of the ISO standards, it is important to define what you will be auditing. What are we auditing against? What are the key parts of the process that should be occurring? What should evidence should we be looking for during the internal audit?
  • Conducting the audit – when conducting the audit we need to check that what is occurring in reality meets the process and business requirements that have been defined.
  • Summarising findings – objective evidence, quotes from auditees and general observations will be documented. Findings will be summarised so they can be presented to give simple oversights
  • Defining ‘corrective actions’ – where processes aren’t occurring as planned, it is important to understand why. Defining the true root cause allows the business to put in place corrective actions which should help prevent the issue arising again.
  • Generation of an audit report – production of a report or a log of findings to document the actions that need to be taken. This will provide a permanent reference resource to ensure corrective actions can be closed out in the time frame defined

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