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ISO 14001 Certification Consultants

ISO 14001 Certification is the easiest way to demonstrate that your business is environmentally responsible.

For businesses with a range of environmental issues, an effectively implemented ISO 14001 management system will ensure any legal obligations are consistently met, and demonstrate effective control over any adverse environmental impacts. The system will ensure the significant environmental impacts of your business are reduced.

ISO 14001 can be adopted by any business, regardless of its size or industry. Those in construction, charitiesprint, transport and manufacturing, not to mention others, make frequent use of certification to demonstrate to clients and customers their commitment to the environment.

2SB are experienced ISO 14001 Consultants working in London, Kent, Essex and Sussex and can help you harness the potential of the standard and achieve certification. We also provide a remote ISO 14001 implementation service that can be delivered to clients anywhere in the world. Speak to a consultant about how ISO 14001 can work for your business.

Strategic Benefits of ISO

  • Increased competitiveness within your sector competing against strong competitors
  • Lower environmental impact often goes hand-in-hand with cost savings for businesses

Business Benefits of ISO

  • Avoid costly environmental incidents and the downtime associated with these events
  • Ensures all operations are legally compliant and business is more sustainable

Customer Benefits of ISO

  • Give confidence to clients who want to work with responsible partners
  • Help your clients improve the environmental image of their own business

Our approach

Consultation – initial fact finding conversation on the phone or in person to understand more about your business

Proposal – when we understand what your needs are, we will produce a proposal that outlines the support required to get you certification

Implementation – once the proposal is approved, implementation can begin. We will work with you over a series of onsite and offsite days to prepare your management system for the audit

External audit – you will be visited twice by an external certification body who will test your system and award you the ISO certificate

Ongoing support – we want to build lasting relationships and help you constantly improve your business. We have extensive experience working in SMEs across industry sectors and take a pragmatic approach to providing sound business advice

Key features

  • Environmental Policy – establish a firm commitment statement about your environmental position
  • Aspects & Impacts – the identification of all the ways your business interacts with the environment with the introduction of processes & controls where required
  • Legal compliance – an ISO 14001 system will all ensure all applicable environmental legal requirements are identified and continually met
  • Context & Risks Analysis – an assessment of what external and internal influences impact environmental management within your business
  • Operational Control – over the environmental impacts of your businesses activities to ensure your impact is reduced and effectively controlled
  • Environmental Monitoring – assess if your controls are effective in maintaining an environmental management system that enhances your environmental performance
  • Operational Delivery – evaluating the extent to which products and services meet design and customer specifications
  • Internal Audit – are you delivering your products and services in the way you have planned to
  • Continual improvement – ensuring the business is pushed forward and problems and discrepancies are seen as constructive opportunities to learn

Certification strategy

For more information on how certification works, read our simple demystification guide

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What does it cost?

At 2SB our implementation costs are calculated by the number of days the implementation will take, and are based on the number of standards which you wish to implement at the same time.

The first part of the process os for us to understand how much you already have in place. We normally do throught a quick GAP Analysis and once contacted, we can we quickly put together a proposal on cost once we have learnt a little more about your business. This can range from a few consulting days (between £2500 to around £7000) depending on how long your implementation will require. Costs will vary so its best to get a GAP Analysis and proposal done before you finalise the budget.

In addition there are the costs of certification which are again calculated on a daily rate by the Certification Body and depend on the size of your organisation and the number of standards you want certified. In order to remain certified you will have to pay for annual surviellance costs as well as every third year for the costs of recertification. Costs from an accreditation body can very from around £3000 upwards. It will depend on how many standards you have, the number of staff and other things like the rate the auditor is charged at.

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