Safety Schemes in Procurement (SSIP)

Constructionline, Achilles, CHAS, Safe Contractor

SSIP (Safety Schemes in Procurement) was established to support the government's 2009 strategy to accelerate the SME economy through transparent, simple and strategic procurement with a focus on health & safety. SSIP, supported by the HSE, is the banner that sits over many Member Schemes (Constructionline, Achilles, CHAS, Safe Contractor and more). Each Member Scheme must include the core SSIP criteria, but may have its own specific commercial benefits and focus.

By certifying against an SSIP accreditated Member Scheme, companies can eliminate the need to acquire an endless list of different certifications to work with larger contractors. SSIP covers many areas through one certification, improving tender applications and compliance.

The criteria of the schemes is extensive as they require both documentation and working procedures to be in place. 2SB are experienced in helping businesses achieve cost effective certification to a wide range of SSIP schemes, removing the resource heavy work it can otherwise take. We will guide you through the process each step of the way.

Expert knowledge

  • We interpret the SSIP criteria and make these relevant to your business 

  • We remove the jargon and work in a collaborative way 

Assessment understanding

  • We know what the auditors will be looking for and can represent your business 

  • We get you audit ready so you pass first time 

Cost efficiency

  • High quality documentation tailored to your business that meets requirements 

  • Eliminate time required to produce documentation so you can focus on business 

Our approach

Consultation – initial fact-finding conversation in person or on the phone to understand more about your business

Proposal – when we understand what your needs are, we will produce a proposal that outlines the support required to get you certification

Online submission – we will work with you onsite and offsite to prepare your online submission

Site audit – if the particular scheme requires you to have a site audit, we will ensure that you are ready for this and have the correct controls in place 

Ongoing support – we want to build lasting relationships, help you constantly improve your business and ensure you maintain certification year after year

Key features

We support you in the following areas which are common across all SSIP Member Schemes: 

  • Health & Safety Policy and organisation for Health & Safety – including responsibilities for Health & Safety in the organisation 
  • Arrangements for Health & Safety Management – meeting legislation 
  • Competent advice – you are required to have ready access to competent H&S advice which we can provide 
  • Training and information – ability to show you have training and professional development arrangements in place and that you understand your role under CDM 
  • Individual qualifications and experience - ability to show that operatives are competent at the tasks they undertake 
  • Monitoring, audit and review – systems should be in place for monitoring your procedures and auditing them at periodic intervals 
  • Workforce involvement – methods to consult with the workforce on Health & Safety matters 
  • Accident reporting and investigation – procedures for investigating and reporting incidents 
  • Sub-contracting – Methods to control the appointment of competent sub-contractors 
  • Risk assessments – suitable and sufficient risk assessments covering every aspect of the work you undertake 
  • Co-operation and co-ordination – arrangements for working alongside others 
  • Welfare provision – ensuring access to suitable welfare in line with legislation 

Certification strategy

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How much does ISO certification cost?

At 2SB our implementation costs are calculated by the number of days the implementation will take, and are based on the number of standards which you wish to implement at the same time.

The first part of the process is for us to understand how much you already have in place. Once contacted, we will ask a few key questions to understand your business before creating a proposal outlining costs and timeframes. Costs can range from £3000 to around £10000 depending on the size of your organisation, how many standards you require, the complexity of your processes and the amount of internal resource you can allocate.

In addition to consultancy costs there are the costs of certification. These are calculated on a daily rate by the Certification Body and depend on the size of your organisation, the complexity of your activities and the number of standards you want certified.

In order to remain certified you will have to pay for annual surveillance visits as well as every third year for the costs of recertification. Costs from a certification body can vary from around £800 upwards per day.

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