Reflect Digital - ISO 27001 in a Digital Agency

Reflect Digital are a digital marketing agency offering design, website development, SEO, marketing & strategy and SEO services. 

Information security has always been a priority at the organisation, however the directors wanted to take their commitment a step further by attaining ISO 27001 certification. The main drivers for the implementation were:


  • To ensure security was considered by every member of the team and that all staff work to the same standards

  • To ensure the business had in place the right policies and procedures to aid their growth and to give the business more structure

  • To give confidence to clients and potential clients regarding security

Reflect Digital were concerned about the implementation of the standard and how it may impact the dynamic way in which they work. Mike Steer commented:

"Some of the staff at Reflect Digital had been in previous companies that had achieved the ISO 27001 certification, so knew the scope of undertaking something like this.  There were some concerns that we would be bogged down with bureaucratic documentation, and that it would restrict the speed at which we could deliver solutions to our clients.  We were also aware that although we had met the requirements for GDPR, it had not been a straightforward task, in part because of the seemingly ambiguous information on how to achieve certain aspects.

So whilst we were confident we knew our business and were technically capable of gaining our certification, we decided we would need some external expertise to guide us through the world of ISO 27001. We turned to a company we had an existing relationship with - the fabulous 2SB."


2SB helped Reflect Digital successfully implement ISO 27001, working alongside the Head of Projects & Head of Development to create a management system that matched the dynamic and forward thinking culture of the business. The CEO and COO were involved at key points in the implementation and emphasised the need to build information security into the everyday culture of the business.


“2SB were extremely helpful in the process of us attaining our ISO27001 certificate, they made the whole experience painless. Jon was very proactive and ensured we understood everything the whole way through. It now means we can go for contracts we wouldn’t have necessarily been considered for before we had the certification, which is really going to aid our growth as an agency.” – Head of Projects

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