Gaining SafeContractor with 2SB

Gaining the SafeContractor badge for most businesses who approach 2SB for assistance means being able to take their business to the next level.

Contractors looking to gain the SafeContractor accreditation we find are often businesses who have experienced significant growth. Their success in winning larger contracts with major industry players however is hampered as they are unable to demonstrate their health and safety credentials.

Using our simple 3-stage approach, 2SB can assist any contractor in gaining SafeContractor, with the bulk of the project being completed remotely.

Case Study 1 - P. Quinn Ceilings & Partitions

P. Quinn Ceilings and Partitions approached 2SB initially in 2018 as a contractor with a single employee. Their business model consisted of the use of around 40 consistent, high quality labour only ‘operatives’.

1. Register: P. Quinn had registered with SafeContractor in order to gain the accreditation, however with a continuous volume of work and non-familiarity with the process, they found trying to complete the project both time consuming with limited resource to dedicate to working out the exact requirements.

2. Meet: an initial meeting was setup and Lucy Trimmer, 2SBs Health and Safety specialist, went to meet Paddy O’Reilly, Managing Director of P. Quin Ceilings and Partitions, at their site in Twickenham, Surrey. Lucy during this short meeting was able to get a good understanding of the profile of the business and their activities.

3. Handover: 2SB then, in just 3 remote consultancy days, devised a Health and Safety Policy and Manual, tailored to P. Quinn. Through remote negotiations with Paddy they amended and then approved the policy & manual for the business and the management of its contractors.

Lucy was able to advise Paddy of any required actions and with a combination of documents such as training records and certificates provided by P. Quinn, and new documents introduced by 2SB, shortly after the initial meeting the business was awarded the SafeContractor accreditation.

Paddy commented: ‘Using a consultant was definitely the right choice for this project, we just wouldn’t of had the time, and now we know we have set the system up right to begin with, I’d like to thank Lucy for all her help on achieving the accreditation and for her continued support’


Case Study 2 - H20 Pumping Solutions

When H20 Pumping Solutions first came into contact with 2SB, their business had grown at an impressive rate and they had recently moved to an impressive new Head Office location based in Sevenoaks, Kent.

Register: In a similar situation, H20 were registered on SafeContractor however a year had lapsed and as there was no resource to dedicate to getting the project completed. When another new contract opportunity rested on the need for a Health and Safety accreditation, H20 then decided to contact 2SB for support.

Meet: Lucy travelled to their head offices in Sevenoaks where she met with key staff who were able to hand-over any existing documentation they had. Lucy talked through daily activities of operatives onsite and was given access to their SafeContractor portal.

Handover: Lucy then remotely completed the project on behalf of H20, organising and updating their documents with only a few additional actions being required by the business and 2SB. All documents were submitted by Lucy who manages the interface with the auditor and the business was approved for the accreditation the following month.

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