Our Environmental Profile

ISO 14001 Certification

2SB Managements Systems are successfully certified to the ISO 14001:2015 management system standard with certification body DNV Global.

As a consultancy advising clients on how to implement successful environmental management systems, we felt it was important to ‘practice what we preach’ by gaining the certification ourselves.

Despite our activities having a relatively low environmental impact, ISO 14001 has helped us focus on where we can still contribute positively to improving the environment and our own performance.

In-keeping with the requirements of the standard, 2SB have identified our most significant environmental aspect to be commuting.  

Offsetting our Commuting Emissions to Contribute Locally

To monitor and reduce the impact of 2SBs CO2e emissions from commuting, 2SB decided to develop a tool used internally by all our consultants which actively monitors all our journeys via each mode of transport. By introducing the system we have been able accurately offset all emissions associated with our most significant aspect.

This has been linked to our financial systems which has streamlined our processes in the same effort.

While there are many worthwhile projects internationally which carbon offsets can contribute towards, our Managing Director was keen to contribute to the local environment. With Carbon Footprint we have offset all our associated emissions from commuting for the year 2018 equating to 7tCO2e and have planted 7 trees across the South East where we operate as a business.  

It has also encouraged us to wherever possible & practicable to car share and use public transport – one of our consultants doesn’t even own a car!

Download our Carbon Footprint certificate. 

Social Sustainability

2SB recognise that sustainability is a three dimensional. Economic, environmental and social sustainability cannot be achieved individually but must be equally balanced if we are to hope for the same quality of life into the future.

We have therefore decided to support the 2019 Maidstone Mela which aims to encourage and support multi-culturalism locally through hosting a celebration of music, visual arts, food and dance.


2SB also have registration to ISO 9001:2015 with UKAS accredited certification body DNV Global. Click here to view our Quality and Environmental Policy Statement.  

Who we have supported

Each year 2SB review and collectively choose to support a number of worthwhile charities.

Below are some of the charities we have supported in the past or continue to support.

Kent Wildlife Trust 

Two Sides 


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