ISO 9001 Quality Management System (QMS) Certification

ISO 9001 Certification Consultants help implement QMS

Adopted by over 1 million organisations worldwide, ISO 9001 Quality Management Certification can benefit any organisation. It was developed as a powerful business management system to continually improve and develop business, help with customer satisfaction, reduce the need for tender compliance, assist with stakeholder involvement and generally improve the sustainability of the business and the quality of its products and services.

But ISO 9001 Quality Management Certification is much more than just a quality standard - it is a complete business standard and helps organisations consider and improve resilience against risk, take advantage of opportunities and to set business improvement objectives. ISO 9001 provides the tools required to help us think about how each process links together, and whether these can be made more robust & effective to improve quality throughout the business.

ISO 9001 is written to be used by businesses of any size and from any industry sector. Those in construction, charities, healthcare, print, professional services, transport, manufacturing, marketing and technology, and others, make frequent use of certification to demonstrate to clients and customers their business excellence. Choose your sector to find out more.

2SB ISO 9001 Consultants work in London, Kent and Sussex as independent consultants in London, Kent and Sussex helping implement and maintain ISO certifications. We have a 100% success rate and have had clients with ISO 9001 for over a decade. We pride ourselves on the work we do and our personal approach to helping clients achieve certification. Speak to a friendly ISO 9001 Consultant who will guide you through the process and help you get the best value out of acquiring certification.

Strategy for ISO 9001

  • Improve Quality Management throughout the business systems
  • Motivate staff to improve and achieve true quality management standards
  • Evaluate the risks and opportunities affecting the business and how they can be exploited

Benefits of ISO 9001

  • Assured that quality in the product or service is consistent every time they purchase

  • Confidence that any issues will be swiftly and comprehensively resolved

  • Implement a Quality Management Systems (QMS) improving quality

Customer Benefits

  • Assurance from quality when you have an ISO 9001 Quality Management Certification

  • Improve trust in your ability to continually deliver quality that they require

  • Satisfaction that you are committed to satisfying their qulaity standards

Our approach

Consultation – initial fact finding conversation in person or on the phone to understand more about your business

Proposal – when we understand what your needs are, we will produce a proposal that outlines the support required to get you certification

Implementation – once the proposal is approved, implementation can begin. We will work with you over a series of onsite and offsite days to prepare your management system for the audit

External audit – you will be visited twice by an external certification body who will test your system and award you the ISO certificate

Ongoing support – we want to build lasting relationships and help you constantly improve your business. We have extensive experience working in SMEs across industry sectors and take a pragmatic approach to providing sound business advice

Key features

  • Context and planning – understanding the issues that are impacting your business and plan to avoid them
  • Risk – analysing the key risks to your business and how you will mitigate them
  • Objectives and Opportunity – defining what you will do to drive the business forwards
  • Leadership – ensuring that management are committed to quality and system improvement
  • Training – reviewing the competence of staff & their training to meet business needs
  • Document control – bringing a consistent approach to how documents are named, labelled and stored
  • Operational delivery – evaluating the extent to which products and services meet design and customer specifications
  • Performance review/internal audit – are you delivering your products and services in the way you have planned to
  • Continual improvement – ensuring the business is pushed forward and problems and discrepancies are seen as constructive opportunities to learn

Certification strategy

For more information on how certification works, read our simple demystification guide

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Do I still need a Management Representative for my ISO certification?

The role of the Management Representative is to manage your ISO certified system, to ensure that it is effectively implemented and to prepare it for the annual surveillance visits.

The most recent versions of the standards no longer require a Management Representative, with these responsibilities now transfered to the "top management", this is to ensure that they are fully aware that they are responsible for the effectiveness of the organisation's management system. Thry may also oversee internal audits to ensure the ISO management system is performing as required.

2SB's recommendation is that the "top management" delegate these responsibilities for the management system to a committed member of staff with "top management" still actively involved.


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